Miniature Crêpes / Pancakes

In private collection

Wooden tray = 6 x 3 cm (2″5/16 x 1″1/8)
Miniature tray, crêpes/pancakes, pan, strawberries, spatula made by Stéphanie Kilgast in France
Ceramic bowl made by Tanja Jensen in Denmark


I adore crêpes, I make them at least once per month, if not twice and call it dinner. I spread them with thick homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread and add banana slices and roasted almonds. I love them so much, just writing about them makes me wonder if I shouldn’t do just that tonight.

And as with most things I love to eat, I usually end up sculpting them in miniature.
So here a wooden tray with a stack of miniature crêpes topped with dainty strawberries, a folded crêpe with chocolate sauce, some chocolate sauce in a beautiful ceramic bowl (the bowl is by Tanja Jensen) and a pan, with a crêpe and a wooden spatula.

For added fun, the pan, extra crêpe and spatula are not glued, so you can toy around with them, displaying them differently or even make a stop motion video if you feel like it.
It’s up to you!