great (oh that was bad)

Yeah that’s me ^^ 
the 1/2 table looks really little 😀

Since I’ve been extremely busy I didn’t have the time at all to write before the SIMP, the miniature fair in Paris.
So how did it go? great! I mean really great. I never sold that much in such a short time. Well maybe it’s not that much compared to others, but for me it’s phenomenal 😀

So yay!

Of course I couldn’t resist some treats for myself.
Easel is by Bernard Levevre
Pottery by Elisabeth Causeret
Tea Pot by Lory – 64tnt
Dwarf in Glass and mini origami by Mariella – Muffa’s Miniatures

Not from the SIMP
Shelf by AmazingMiniatures
Couch table by Roland Irle

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