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Series State of my Mind, Green, Stéphanie Kilgast, 2017
Series State of my Mind, Green, Stéphanie Kilgast, 2017

Hey There!

Today, I’m sharing with you the latest series I’m working on, I *think* it will be about the different states of my mind, although, I might change my mind (huhu) about it as well.

Standards : Appropriation

This one started because of an art proposal I made for a residency where the theme is standards.
The general idea of that particular art proposal was to always take the same base and then play around with various colors and shapes on top of. I called it standards : appropriation.

Art Proposal, Standards : Appropriation, Bauhaus 2018, Stéphanie Kilgast

What interest me here is to change a standard object into something personal, as I believe creativity is the essence of humanity.
I also like the systematic approach where half of the work is always the same and the other half changes but also adapts itself to it.


Now the second aspect of my life and to a certain extent my work, is the environmental question. How to find a balance between humans thriving culturally and intellectually without completely destroying our habitat. It is frustrating and maddening, and I can’t get rid of that obsession. Putting it into art isn’t always easy, but at least I have something to work on, am I right?
Which brings me to the first of a new series. For now, I call it “Green”.
I took a tin can (trash!) and I added some of my old miniature fruit canes that where lying around, waiting to be used or sold. (also trash!)


Another aspect that was important to me in this new series was to simply each artwork. As you probably know if you’ve been following my work a bit, I tend to add a lot of variety in just one tiny artwork. For the sake of sanity, I wanted to try another approach where I focus on a few shapes and just one color.


Last aspect is the sensitive approach to the whole series. Right now I am going towards putting into shape the emotions that inhabit my mind. As the environnemental / eco-friendly / rational / moral sentiment is an important one and I also want to work on doubt, profusion and a few others.
This series of work also started in a very intuitive way. I followed a hunch and the idea is growing while I sculpt, so adding the layer of emotions feels right.

Thats’ about it!
Have a fun day!

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