Sneak Preview of an Interview with TVB (Hong-Kong TV)

Myolie Wu and I 🙂

Hello Boys and Girls 🙂

So last week I’ve been interviewed by the TVB from Hong-Kong and (I didn’t know it by then) I met the actress Myolie Wu, and at least from what you all told me, she’s pretty famous, so ha!
She’s also very pretty and very nice and she did a very decent work on her miniature eclair. In fact she was very intend on making a perfect job, which I appreciated.

The TV program will be about people who work with their hands and they focused on France and Italy. I can’t really tell you more, but it seemed very cool and interesting. It should be aired beginning of December 🙂

The whole thing was taken in Hotel Basile, where I also slept. Very nice hotel and the lobby looked perfect for the program.
Here a few behind the scenes pictures.
Can’t wait for December!


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