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Ok I’ve been tagged by Juanita, the tag says:

“post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer and write about it.”

So, that’s funny, because when I open my computer, I have three folders, three hard disks, and two dvd cd player.
I really don’t like that tag thing, because it just can’t work every time! So instead I will show you a photo of my life (and believe me it’s rather rare)

This is “boudu” our fat cute guinea pig, he’s quite dumb and only likes to eat, but I adore his face 😀 A big hoorey for our little friend!!

I won’t tag anybody (too lazy lol!!)


I received an award from one of the best miniaturist in the world, Linda Cummings, which is sometimes called “Aunt Linda” XD (I’ve got my sources, Linda :D)
I also receive an award from Pussman, I don’t know her name >< style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">5 fave things

1. Miniaturize. Not very original but true, I can’t live without it anymore.
2. Bicycling with my lovely boyfriend, who will be a great architect and save the honour of our family as I only will be a miniaturist 😀
3. Eating croissants. I can’t imagine something better for breakfast! With lots of jam! Strawberry jam, apricot jam or blueberries 🙂
4. Reading, I love reading, but I don’t read enough, mostly I lack of time… I should read more than I do, because it’s very relaxing to me!
5. Tidying!! Yes I love tidying, I love making a big mess when working and then put everything at its right place when I’m finished (which doesn’t mean everyday!) I also like to order my clothes per color haha! And yes I’m crazy if you were still doubting 😀

5 fave blogs (and who will have this award)

1. Nunu’s House, I suppose he doesn’t come on my blog, but I don’t care, I love his work more than anything!
2. The Minifood Blog, I just love this blog, I’ll go almost everyday to look at all the other wonderful food miniaturists and thing how I could get rid of them! haha! Just a joke 😉
3. TeamMIDS Blog, all scale dollhouse miniatures on etsy, my team 🙂
4. Star of the East, gorgeous jewelry, fun blog, lovely person 🙂
5. Doll Gazette, all about bjds, blythes and so on. I like looking at dolls, but am not so in collecting them (far too expensive for me)

I won’t take the time to tell you all that you received this award, sooo, if you’re just coming here, please forward it 🙂


OK and now to the interesting part (according to me!!) my new pendants!! Most of them are already in my etsy shop, put some will be listed tomorrow 🙂


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