Spring Cleaning!

I finished three new sculptures for the Other Art Fair and my studio has been an utter mess!
Between commissions and collaborations and hopefully more artworks for the Other Art Fair, my studio needed a break, as did I.
There were also quite a few things that I knew I wanted to get rid of, and I had a friend coming over to see my artwork, which motivated me even more to get a grip!

I took everything out that I wasn’t using anymore and knew I was not going to use in the near future and took plenty of pictures to put everything on ebay.
Basically all my jewelry supplies and some miniature leftovers. Mostly a bunch of my polymer clay canes. I kept them just in case, but I think after 2 years of not using them at all nor having much ideas about them, it’s safe to say I can let them go to a better home.

If you are looking for a lot of jewelry and miniature supplies, here’s my ebay profile.

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