Sunny Pause from my Daily Challenge

Sunny Pause from my Daily Challenge
Sunny Pause, Miniature Food Sculpture, Stépahnie Kilgast

Hey 🙂

Soooo… after some thinking, I decided to take some days off from my dailyminiveggie challenge.
Why (you lazy butt)? you might ask.
So far I’ve been making one fruit or vegetable every day…
even …
when I’m not home.
(duuuh great idea, Steph, great idea!)

But due to the particular nature of my work, I cannot sculpt miniatures on the go, like one could make a drawing or painting on the go. So whenever I knew I’d be away, I would sculpt in advance all the fruit and vegetables, photograph them and schedule the posts…
Driving myself nuts with stress at the same time.
And this, my dear friends, is just plain silly.

When I started this daily challenge, the idea was to go as long as I felt like it.
I remember thinking 100 days would be a good goal, but people immediately thought it’d be for the whole of 2015, so I went with that.
The idea was also to show how appetizing fruit and vegetables can be.
And last, but certainly not least, the idea was to get a creative push and also to up my sculpting skills.
The goal was certainly not to drive me nuts, finishing in the middle of the night vegetables and fruit in advance.

So far the challenge already brought me lots :
It helped me focus on what I like the most, sculpting.
It helped me not go into january and february depression.
I got rid of the money question, as I sculpt for fun.
It pushed me closer to art.
So it’s good. I like this challenge. I’m happy I started it.

That being said, why take a few days off now?
I’m going to London on Friday.
It’s about my work, there will be an interview and some videos. Not too sure how much I can tell, so you’ll have to wait for now.
Originally, I had planned to sculpt 8 fruit and veggies in advance between today and tomorrow.
Alas, this morning I sculpted for a wholesale order for a german shop and this afternoon… I went to the beach 😀

So there!
The challenge will have to wait.

I hope you don’t mind 🙂


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