Sunshine and Crêpes

I received a lovely award with a even more lovely little note from another wonderful miniaturist: Oiseau de Nim:
5) Stephanie PetitPlat at //; hope there is no more clouds in her mind; she is supposed to be like sunshine in the blue sky.

Well clouds are a lot out there with cold and rain 😀
Concerning my project get an own home it’s postponed until BF gets a CDI (not limited in time contract), which means September.

And I really need some real sunshine here as well, the winter just was too long.

And some crêpes would be great as well. At least I can do this in miniature 🙂
Don’t know yet how to sell these, but should decide during the week and put them in my etsy shop soon 🙂


Here the rules:
According to the rules, I need to
1) Display the image and publish the rules.
2) Post the link of who won the prize.
3) Pass the award to six blogs dream.
4) Send notice to the blogs listed.

So here my little selection of 6:

1__Kiva’s Miniatures, because she’s a good friend and helped me a lot in the beginning. She was the only one who told me making a living from minis was do-able and here I am. I owe her a lot! Thanks Kiva 🙂

2__Dale’s Miniature, because Dale always has a little word of encouragement or cheering and that really feels nice! And she also offered one of my best minis: a mini Kandinsky 😀

3__Snowfern, Cindy is a wonderful never stopping miniaturist which shares all of her discoveries and is really good! Thanks for bringing so much inspiration in my life 🙂

4__Kim’s Miniatures, Kim is another miniaturist which makes the sweetest cakes and sweets in an adorable shabby chic look. Looking at her cakes, cookies and cupcakes always makes me smile 🙂

5__L’écureuil aux Joues Gonflées, Sevastra makes beautiful clothes for dolls and gorgeous photography of them. I always enjoy her photos 🙂 Merci!

6__FleurFatale, Greet makes beautiful jewelry and has a wonderful family with 4 kids: 2 adopted and 2 of her own. I can’t help but admire her 🙂

That was a long post ^^’

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