Surveillance Camera, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stephanie Kilgast
Surveillance Camera, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stephanie Kilgast


I just finished a new artwork, this time with a camera I found at a local thrift store, to be precise, Emmaus. I did found a bunch of other fun objets that I will use in the coming weeks as well.

I’ve been wanting to use different objets than cans and glass jars for a while now, but it is when talking to local artist Philippe Jeannot, that he pointed out the idea of using a camera, which is a brilliant one.
The color scheme was decided on a whim and here we are, a few days later with a finished artwork.

Be sure, to check out Philippe Jeannot’s work out, it’s really good quality drawing with a true awareness of the environnement.

The title “surveillance camera”, came from me watching a bunch of investigations on surveillance in french cities and the utter inefficiency of it to fight crime. Money spend rather unwisely. And of course, as usual the idea of nature watching humankind unravel into madness. Popcorn worthy plot I tell you.

Get it here 🙂


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