Sushi and stuff

Sushi, nothing new so to speak, but I like this image and it will go in my etsy shop as soon as I decide if I sell two of the plates in one listing or just one plate… decisions!

Anyway, as you all may know, I had to present my project at the school yesterday. Of course time was too short and I knew I would pass it in September anyway, but the presentation went good – I still pass in September BUT- they really liked my project.
Not that I care that much, but at least I don’t have to re-do the general shape, it’s just about finishing the documents that were missing. (and believe me I need a LOT of motivation and help for that!)

Besides I would like to REMIND you that my BIRTHDAY is the 19th of July. SO very very soon.
So if you really WANT to offer me something, please do so! I love gifts 😀

Ok, now off to work on minis! I’m far beyond everything in that domain!


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