The Goal is in the Journey

Octopus Sculpture, WIP, Stéphanie Kilgast
Octopus Sculpture, WIP, Stéphanie Kilgast

This year I’ve been fooling around a lot. My mother and many of you keep asking me if I’m changing my route, if I’m giving up on miniature food, or on jewelry and what the heck am I doing sculpting an octopus?

While all these questions may seem relevant to some point, I have a simple answer to all of those interrogations : I have no clue.
I don’t know what I’m doing right now, I just follow a creative flow and am enjoying what comes out of it.
This year has been hard on me, but it pushed me out of my routine and I realized how fun it was to sculpt without any real goal or precise idea.

For quite some time, my main focus was to improve my miniature food. It was never good enough, it had to be done better and better. And I focused so much on sculpting the most accurate food that in the end I was driving in a circle. Until, quite by chance, I started the daily veggie challenge. Yes, that was still food, but a lot of unknown food, so a lot of thinking involved and a lot of joy trying new techniques and new approaches. Oh how I had missed the thrill of doing something unknown, without even realizing that hole.
And then came the burn-out and lots of time to work on my daily veggie challenge but also take over my blog again and ponder about life. Suddenly I had time to enjoy myself and not just run after fulfilling orders. So I did just that.
A sudden wish to make a sad face? there I went sculpting one, and a second and then finally the right one. Same for the psychedlic pineapples and my queen whale Valainistima.

All those projects that I would usually put in a notebook and work too little on, I could dive in one after the other, without pausing.
This is also the reason why I started a youtube channel, so I can sculpt crazy unsellable things but still have some kind of interaction on them and maybe some kind of income. (wish me luck haha)
I’d like to grow as an artist and I believe production is the key.

This is my journey, to follow the wishes that unfold between my hands.
Where will it lead? I’d like to know to, in the meantime I’m enjoying the heck out of it.
So please excuse me, an octopus is waiting for me to finish it’s tentacles.


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