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This Is Colossal

Stephanie Kilgast on This Is Colossal
Stephanie Kilgast on This Is Colossal


It is in utter excitement that I am updating my blog today as I have been featured 3 hours or so ago on the incredible website This Is Colossal!!
You can see and read the article over here.
I suppose they found me through instagram, as one of my recent videos hit more than a million views.

I am beyond excited about this!
If you are new reader, hello there!
This good news could not come at a better moment! I was feeling a little discouraged the past days, working so much for so little, but this surely is a booster!

This is Colossal is a website I have been dying to get on for years. I did submit on it years ago with my daily mini veggie challenge but never heard back and was planning to make a new submission this year with my tin cans. It is truly a long time dream finally being realized.

So now, go read the article and share it as much as you’d like, let’s celebrate this properly!


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