Invasive (Tiger), 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast
Invasive (Tiger), 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast

Third week of 2019, third sculpture of 2019.
I don’t know if I can keep this one week – one sculpture thing going, but I’ll try!

Sculpting Struggles

This tiger is also the second animal themed sculpture of the year, and I must admit… I’m not going to make another mammal anytime soon, especially of the feline kind.
This sculpture has been such a struggle!
Partly because of my own laziness and cockiness. I did not do sufficient studies of tigers before starting this sculpt, thinking I’d just manage it… somehow…
which… in a way, I did!
… but boy! I was close to giving up a couple of times! I’m glad I pulled through though, as the final sculpture ended up good.

The other issue I’ve encountered is the lack of colors I picked. I really thrive emotionally on colors and this color scheme, even though looking great, is just not satisfying for me to work on.

Lastly, I realize again and again that my current obsessions is in the small animals and natural growth. I like the profusion of many things in bright colors, so whenever I decide to tackle a central animal, it never feels quite right. It’s easier to compose, it’s challenging and interesting, it connects well with people, but deep down, I’d rather work on weird biodiverse eco-systems.


I titled this sculpture “Invasive”, as, the more I was working on it, the more I thought about invasive species that can destroy complete eco-systems. This can occur naturally of course, but one vector of this is humanity. Our activities sometimes favor certain species or we bring new species into new lands and they end up over powering the others, destroying the fragile balance of biodiversity that took years to create.

In my sculpture however the tiger and the growth seem to have found a certain symbiosis, I tend to dwell on that subtle line of tension and balance, where it’s never completely catastrophic and does work out somehow. Ya know. Hope.


As for most of my sculptures, I recorded part of it made a short video. You can view it on my youtube channel.
To see more pictures and availability of this artwork, go here.


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