Time to Vote – Tremplin des Créateurs

Hey everyone 🙂

I’m just back from a very short trip from paris, which I will blog about later, but right that minute I need you to vote for me.

You can only do so if you have a FB account.
1 click on the button “voter”
you will be asked to log in FB, agree and you will be asked to confirm your data > UNCHECK the last thing, otherwise you will get emails from them, and you don’t want that.

Thaaaaank youuuu!
Oh and if you could share and share and share!

IF I win, I’ll make a new give away to celebrate it, so go! go! go!

Je reviens tout juste d’un mini voyage à paris, mais j’en parlerai plus tard.
Là dans l’immédiat, j’ai besoin de votre vote 🙂

Il vous faudra un compte FB et suivre les indications.

Si je gagne, bam un give-away!




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