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Miniatures and Food Sculptures by Stephanie Kilgast

Hey Folks 🙂

Today I wanted to open my (dark, creepy and scary) mind a bit.
Often I get comments or private messages of people sending me ideas of things to sculpt. It is nice. But as many artists and artisans alike, I tend to be overwhelmed by ideas and have to settle on just a few projects instead of running mad and starting 100 at once. (yes I could do that, pretty sure I would not be able to finish them though)
Having many ideas doesn’t mean they are all good (far from it) and even some projects I’m working on, I’m not really sure where I’m headed, but I have to get it out of my system anyway. (I’m speaking to you, my beautiful Valainistima)
Soooo *drumroll*
Heeeeeeeere the projects I’m working on right now!!
Not 5!
not 6!
Noooo! But a total of 8 projects to keep me busy day in and day out!
(and I even find time to eat and work-out and play coral isle on FB, I’m a super woman! oh and you know earn money with selling and making miniature food jewelry too)

1 – Daily Miniature Veggie

It is still an on-going project, even though right now I’m considering 1-2 veggies a week as I got thrown out of the loop a little when taking the huge (and needed) break when going to London.
But I still like that project and the positive impact it had on my life and you, so I want to continue.

200 days of miniature vegetables and fruit Challenge, Stephanie Kilgast

2 – Veggie Tutorials Book

Yes that is a real thing. I have started shooting pictures when making the daily veggie challenge so I have more than enough tutorials to fill one (very big) book.
I haven’t even started on the inner organization yet and there’s no InDesign file yet. I want to get it out next year though, otherwise it will never be done, so I better start on that one soon.

3 – Miniature Recipes

In my eternal quest of leaving a positive impact on the world, I’ve (finally) started to make vegetarian (or vegan) recipes I actually cook at home, but sculpted in miniature.
I thought that a miniature sculpture is more appealing than just another recipe and I also sculpt prettier than I cook… true story.
Also, as I think vegetarian and vegan cooking are very much starting to define partially how we eat, I find it important to leave a physical trace of our eating habits, as artists used to depict what they ate in the course of history. I also think that a miniature sculpture is bit more fun than your regular instagram picture, but that might just be me 🙂

The recipes so far :

Black Beans Burritos
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies

Mexican Food, Miniature Sculpture, food recipe | PetitPlat

4 – Hidden Face (about Depression)

You probably realized this by now but I struggle with mild depression and eternal doubts. And it’s OK. I might cry, but I get up the next day and I’m happy again (ok maybe not the very next day but you get the idea). Sadness is part of our lives and I would like to work on that matter a little more. I am NOT saying that depression is not something serious, and yes, many need and should go see a therapist and a doctor. But for most of us, we deal with occasional sad days and that’s it. Emotions are part of our lives.
So far the only sculpture I’ve finished is the sad sunflower among its peers.

Sad Sunflower Sculpture

5 – Sea Protectors

I must admit this was a bit of an impulse sculpt that has been lurking inside of me for quite some time. I have been following the artists collaboration over at pangeaseed who actively educate about the environment and the protection of the oceans.
So I’ve had a lot of pictures of oceans, corals, octopus, whales and other beautiful creatures in my instagram feed. A little nudge and hop I sculpted a whale with corals…. and then an octopus 🙂
Now as I’m a bit of an environmentalist, I think there is a link, but truly I have no clue where this project is headed. All I know is that I’m going to make more 🙂

Valainistima, Whale Sculpture, by Stephanie Kilgast

6 – Gingerbread Houses

Like every year, I’m sculpting about a dozen of miniature gingerbread houses. This year I’d like to make one or two castles on top. I have started making some researches and drawing about shapes, and just started sculpting simple ones. Considering that I usually start around end of August, I’m already running pretty late …

Miniature Gingerbread House Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast

7 – Videos and Youtube

Because, clearly, I’m lacking of on-going projects and have too much time on my hands (ahem), I thought, ha! Time to jump on the Youtube train!
Soooo… I did, here my youtube channel, in case you’ve missed the news.

8 – Pop Art (or something like that)

Again, no clue where this is headed but I have sculpted psychedelic pineapples and it was fun.
Playing with color is fun. Maybe there is something there, maybe not.

Psychedelic Pineapples Sculpture


Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing until I worked on it for a couple of months, so I don’t try to explain myself too much.
I like to sculpt in miniature and in a colorful way. The environment and making a change are important to me. As is talking about sadness.
So there, that’s my statement. Nothing really fancy I’m afraid, you have to think about my work for yourself. Once it’s done it belongs to the public to see what they wish.


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