Tropical Laziness

Tropical, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast
Tropical, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast

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It is July, it is hot, it is summer and I have decided to take things a little easier over the next two months.
I did finish the sculpture part of this tin can just before my first summer trip, when I went to Frankfurt. In this glorious town where I was born in, I spent a lovely (hot) week with my Mum, where I mostly walked and… swam. Yes. In swimming pools, because German swimming pools are awesome and French ones… well, they are not.
When I got back, I developed a lovely lip sore, or, in other words, my body yelled at me to take a break and just sleep the exhaustion off…
I also finished the painting job on said sculpture. Thus this particular artwork is available on my website. An art print is planned, I just can’t seem to be bothered so far. BUT, fear not, my patreons are still getting their art print of July too, so I have no choice but to take care of it before the end of the week!
There is also a time lapse of me sculpting it on youtube, if you’re curious to see the process.

Sooo holidays are coming! And as I said, slooow is the new low… eerr high? I just need some rest and as I haven’t started on any new artwork since the beginning of July, by brain is free to relax, so I am taking advantage of that as much as I can.

Reality is going to hit pretty soon though, as I have to make at the very least 2 video tutorials in the coming week, one for my skillshare class and one for a group thingy, but until then, I am blissfully ignoring the necessity of work and relaxing, reading, over eating and oh, napping.
Napping has been really nice.

On a side note and I’m probably going to blog about it more but…. I GOT SHORTLISTED FOR THE SUNNY ART PRIZE!!
Here is the proof.
Ahem. Which means I’ll throw money out of the window again to be at the opening in London, because, hey, I might get some opportunities, and I need those!

That’s about it! A good, old fashioned, honest, life telling blog post!
It is almost 22h (that’s 10 pm for some people in the world) and we are out for a walk. Because moving is good for your body and soul, whatever that “soul” thing is.
On that cheesy note, until next time!


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