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Videos, Youtube and Patreon

Youtube Miniature Food Projects, Stephanie K. PetitPlat
Youtube Miniature Food Projects, Stephanie K. PetitPlat

These past weeks I have focused quite a lot on building up my youtube channel. Right now I’m working on 3 different videos, as most projects need several bakings and days of sculpting, not counting the editing.
Videos don’t bring in any money as of yet, but they’re fun and they give me the opportunity to play and sculpt more complex things.
I have, as usual, way too many projects in my head, and I’m trying to balance this envy with the money bringing work. Aka Miniature Food Jewelry.

So it is with great interest that I stumbled upon Patreon.
Patreon is a crowd funding website, but unlike Kickstarter, patrons don’t support just one big project, but sustain your artistic life.
You choose for what for they will give you money and they pledge to support you for every “what” you chose.
For instance, you can ask to receive money for each new video you produce, or ask to get money for every 2 weeks or every month.
Patrons also have access to a patreon feed, that is exclusive.
That patreon channel can hold pictures, videos, livestream, etc.
And this is especially great for more in depth tutorials.

I have started to set up my page, but I think my youtube channel is still a little young for that, and I need to make a bit more content to give a better glimpse of my work.

In case you are on Patreon and have any suggestions on how to get it best started, I’m all ears 🙂
And if you can think of great “rewards” that I can offer for those who pledge to support me, let me know!

I’ll keep you up to date if I decide to do this patreon thing 😉


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