Watch me Sculpt Miniature Apples, A Time-Lapse Video

Miniature Apples Sculpture by Stéphanie Kilgast, aka PetitPlat
Miniature Apples Sculpture


I’ve been toying with the idea of making videos for youtube for quite some time now, and finally last week I dived in!

This is my very first video, so of course a lot of things could be improved. I tried and failed at not putting my head between the lens and my work, my hands are not always centered and I should have made a better job on the focus of the lens.
I’m still pretty proud of it 😀
For the first video I didn’t want to do something complicated as I had no clue how to even make a video, but I plan to make only very complex sculpts as videos. Hence I don’t feel like orienting if towards tutorial videos but rather towards “watch art happening” footages 🙂

Without further blabbing and with some drumroooollll….
here the video!
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