Wave, Sculptural Painting, 2017
Wave, Sculptural Painting, 2017


I have finished another small artwork, that I send pictures of to an art competition.
This one was really satisfying in many ways. I went for a bright colored coral reef presentation, so got to immerse myself into chromatic joy. It was very intuitive, I didn’t have much of a plan nor composition before starting and it fell into place when working on it. And last, but certainly not least it only took me 3 days. Three very full days and short nights, granted, but not a month.
Working on such a small artwork is nice once in a while, although I already am making plans of bigger growing artworks at the moment. I *just* need to find an art call and funding for those, since it’s going to be the work of months ^^’


Wave is a vibrant chromatic coral reef that has been dipped / painted in white on two edges.
Corals loose their colors when dying, which explains the white.
It is following my current work on growth and opposition of biodiversity and the impact of human activities. But also a hope on a balance between those two. Humanity is worth saving for our brain capacities and ability to create and innovate, notably in science and arts, so the idea here is less to condemn humanity rather than to find an sustainable equilibrium with our planet.


Which inevitably brings me to my last point, which is going to be brutally honest.
I find it more and more difficult to talk about my art as I feel like just following a work flow. And right now, what matters the most to me is to grow sculptures everywhere.
I’m not always sure why and I don’t know if there is still coherence in my work at times.
The environmental question (which truly is more of a “how to save the humans from destroying themselves” question) is always bouncing around my head, but I find it straining to find that questioning consciously in my work every.damn.time.
And is it necessary?
Isn’t an ode to nature already a statement on our need of biodiversity just to be?
As you can imagine, I talk about my art all the time and one response I often get is “art comes before the statement”, and while I couldn’t agree more, I always explain that the statement is how you sell your creative madness to the world.
Endless circle.
Also, “growth” actually started when talking about creativity and it just transformed itself into this opposition growth / abstraction, so who knows where this is headed?
Probably over-thinking, but on the other side if I never try to put words on what I’m trying to achieve, it’s going to be absurd.

thank you for reading!
Let me know your thoughts!

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