Week 12 of Tiny Cute Veggies and Fruit

Hello 🙂

I was cleaning and tidying my work space (yes I clean sometimes) and watching a documentary about Saudi Arabia (which was quite interesting) and suddenly I remembered about my weekly veggie recap!

My partner isn’t home yet, he’s still working (being an architect sucks, just so that you know, low salary and long hours) Puss just meaowed to tell me it’s time to go to sleep and Arya fell asleep on an armchair.

I didn’t do any yoga yet and I’m still wondering if I will or not (I should of course) as it’s late and I’m starting to get sleepy.

And while I’m talking about my fascinating life, I did some apple oatmeal cookies, following (very freely) this recipe. I used 1 tbsp of honey instead of the agave and used 2 apples. The dough ended up in a pan, so it’s a sort of cookie cake and it’s pretty good.

I also thought about cool art projects today that would deal with food and water consumption. I think I hold a feasible idea that I should be able to actually make. I need to wake my inner artist a bit and I’d like to change the world, because, you know, it’s pretty cool to be here.
Also I would like to put some sense in my work, not something new, but it’s harder than you might think. Usually I get all those nifty ideas and I don’t do them because I lack time and skill. The veggie challenge has improved my sculpting skills a lot, but I will need to work on modeling skills as soon as I have the time, maybe next year with another challenge. Ha.

Ok, time to do the minimal yoga, what I call the “lazy deed” where you just do a couple of sun salutations and a couple of warrior variations all in 15 minutes. I’m efficient. (or just plain lazy huhuhu)

What about your day? I’m pretty sure you can top mine 😀


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