Week 16 of Daily Miniature Vegetables and Fruit

Daily Mini Veggie, Week 16, 2015, Stéphanie Kilgast

Daily miniature veggies sculptures. For bigger, better pictures, go over on tumblr.
It was a fun week 🙂
I think the sunshine is for a lot in my wonderful mood these days. I basically smile all the time, that’s nice.
Maybe it has also something to do with my recent discovery of a new tv show, ‘forever’. Crime scenes, a smart (may I add cute) british guy, a tat of paranormal (but really just a tat) and I’m happy.
Also the veggies this week were really fun to sculpt. The asparagus? Very cool! And oddly easy.
The maize/corn? I had a blast, truly! I even made some heirloom varieties today.
Oh and I took more care of my body again.
I must admit I fell into a just-once-a-week-a-little-bit-of-yoga-routine (blame the heavy christmas season, always puts me off track) and I started following dancing lessons on youtube. I just wonder why I never did that before? I basically dance very often when I work, I even took a dancing class at some point, but… me and teachers is not a good mix, I have so much freedom in my life, I just can’t handle any schedule and people telling me what, when and how to do things. (unless I don’t have a choice of course)

Yes that’s pretty much all I had to say for today.
Nothing ground breaking I’m afraid 🙂

I hope you had a fun week too 🙂

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