Week 9 – Daily Miniature Art Challenge

Daily Mini Veggie, week 9, 2015, Stéphanie Kilgast
Daily Mini Veggie, week 9, 2015, Stéphanie Kilgast

Full Art Project : dailyminiveggie.tumblr.com
Hey Guys 🙂

Aaaand week 9 is done, only 41 weeks yet to go, haha 😀
But all jokes aside, I think this week was much more fun for me sculpting wise. I enjoyed sculpting leaves for the first time, yay!
My next challenge are tiny spikes on top of fruit, I just sculpted kiwano (not yet photographed as it’s still in the oven as I’m writing) and the spikes are SO annoying to sculpt.
The lychee was also SO annoying. I had an idea on how to make the skin, but it didn’t work that well, it’s ok, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. (but then again, isn’t there always room for improvement?)

Apart from that (and not too proud about it) I got hooked on pewdiepie these last days. I like to hear him blab and play while I’m working, it’s like having someone around who describes the silly games he’s playing. And it’s like I’d play a bit too by extension. Besides I’m a wimp and I never play horror games (I’d have an heart attack), so that way I get to see the gameplay huhu. (and no I didn’t just discover him, but I just recently started to watch the extra long walkthroughs)

Anyway, the kiwano should be soon ready and I still want to do some yoga… with Adriene if you want to know. (yoga with Adriene on youtube – she’s my favorite)
Yup I’m a yogi. Without the awesome body, I just have a regular body. Never motivated enough to make the extra effort to look extra gorgeous. Appearances suck, my dears, health and caring for your environment and family is all that matters.

See? I’m a bit tired so I talk a lot. Not that anyone even reads that…
Is anyone even reading this?
Do you watch/know/like/dislike pewdiepie/yoga?
What are you watching / listening too when working from home?
SO many questions right? 😀

Trop la flemme de traduire, en plus je suis sûre que la majorité s’en fiche ^^’


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