Wild Art and Work in Progress

Tame Art, Work in Progress, 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast
Tame Art, Work in Progress, 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast


I learned a few days ago that my cupcake earrings are going to be in the book “Wild Art” published by Phaidon.
Which is rather big news! I should get a copy of the book, so will share it again here.

I’m over excited about this, because I love the concept of “Wild Art”, basically all the art that is happening outside of museums and galleries. For my part, I think Art has become something over intellectual with time, where it really just is the mere interpretation of the world by humans and also what defines us as humans. To create what we feel, what we see, what we like, what we think for whatever personal reasons we might have (in my case because it makes me happy). I think when you look at Art, either you’re touched, or you aren’t and if you aren’t, it’s ok, just go to the next piece we cannot be sensitive to all kinds of interpretations.

And so there will be an Art walk with pieces from artists showcased in this book and yaaaaaaaaay! I’M PART OF IT!!!! Wooooooooot!
It’ll be on the 17th of October in London, so I’ll be there and you’ll be able to meet me.
I don’t know much details, and will annoy the manager until I know everything so you can come too 🙂

Anyway, for that exhibition I’m working on a farm themed dessert table. I didn’t really over-thought this, I just wanted to make that. Now I’m thinking I could’ve made something with wild animals (hehe), soooo maybe, if I have time I’ll change my mind on that. 😀


And just because I love making gingerbread houses, I went and made some a wee bit more complicated ones than my usual houses.
I still love them too much to sell them away (yet), but I’ll do more and more, so they will end up in my shop sooner or later 🙂



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