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Cyltonic, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Can, Stephanie Kilgast


Hey folks! I am back from the Czech Republic since this week-end so I was finally able to finish this sculpture. I found this cleaning agent can on a flea market last summer. I am pretty sure that I paid way too much for something that is basically just trash, but hey, what you don't do for art! Since the colors of the can are very dominant, I simply went with that bicolor composition and created a crazed mushroom and corals growth on top. I kept things simple, with just a few shapes that I repeated over and over, as I did want to compliment the can in a way and not distract from it. This sculpture is currently available ...
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Poisonous, Inktober #1, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Inktober 2018

Hellooo! This year, I decided to take part of the yearly art challenge "Inktober"! If you've never heard about it, it is a daily art challenge that runs through October. It's been created by artist Jake Parker and has run since then. Every year new artists join the fun and there's also a prompt list to get you going. The idea is to create an ink drawing everyday in order to become better at drawing with ink. Of course, nowadays many use watercolors or other media. Below you can see my painting uncolored, as pure ink, and also this year's prompt list! If you want to join into the fun, all you have to do is make a drawing, post ...
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