Life fascinates me.
Textures and patterns excite me.
Sculpting makes me happy.
Destructive human activities push me into despair.
Emotions drive me insane.
Creating art balances everything out.


“Everything is WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you so very very much!!! Perfect, magical” D.N.
“LOVE IT!!!! And I love the box too – it’s a work of art.” Anne H.
“Definitely the best purchase I made all year.” Taylor M.
“I just got him!!!!! He’s even better in person, and that box!!! I have no words. He’s beyond amazing. Thank you so much!!!! ” Chrissy W.


Dédale, Mural Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2019


Dédale, Mural Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2019 For a few years now I have been quite obsessed with street art and mural paintings.Like with all obsessions, at some point, you find a way to live them out, which I did for the first time last year, when I did my very first mural paint "test" at a local spot called "Dédale". "Dédale" is a building with four floors. The two first are meant for public access and you have to propose a project and be accepted, the third floor is to fool around for anyone who asks. The fourth floor is called "the bunker" with art studios to try out artworks, but no pictures are allowed up there. So that specific ...
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Surveillance Camera, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stephanie Kilgast

Art Shows 2019

Mother (Elephants), Sculpture on thrifted Plastic Canteen, 2019Rust, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stéphanie KilgastExploration, Octopus Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast Hey folks! I am going to attend a few art shows and markets this year, precisely three, so here all the details you need to know. You can always find upcoming art shows and exhibitions in my CV. Salon D'art Abordable, Paris I'll have a booth at the affordable art fair in Paris, probably the one show I'm most excited about! It's in less than a month!LA BELLEVILLOISE19-21 Rue Boyer, 75020 ParisVendredi 08 mars : 14h00 à 20h30Samedi 09 mars : 11h00 à 20h30Dimanche 10 mars : 11h00 à 20h30 Talents de Femmes, Vannes I will also be exhibiting ...
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