Pimp your Jars

Cookie Jar - How to Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Stephanie Kilgast on Skillshare
Cookie Jar – How to Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Stephanie Kilgast on Skillshare


I finished a bunch of new skillshare classes, and I can’t quite recall which one I talked about on my blog.
The latests two are about embellishing your old glass jars, one is using miniature succulents and the other with giant cookies!
I have to admit, I quite love the cookie look, it is so fitting in a kitchen and I’m super pleased with how they turned out. Really like to use them in my daily life!


If you don’t know skillshare, it’s a bit like netflix, you pay a monthly subscription and can watch as many art tutorials and business classes about arts and crafts as you wish. If you’ve never tried Skillshare before, you can try it out for 2 months without spending a dime, just follow this link.
I have a total of 17 classes over there, I currently publish between 1 and 2 classes every month. The next one is going to be about lily flowers, it’s almost ready and should be published beginning of September. Below all the classes that have been published so far.


I’m also leaving for holidays this Sunday, we will be travelling to Vienna and then I’m going to London for the opening of the Sunny Art Prize, if you missed that bit of news, my work has been shortlisted and there will be an exhibition and the announcement of the winners on September 4th.
Since I have to go over Paris to go back home, I’ll be staying a few days in Paris with friends who live there.
This much needed break should do me good, even though, right now, I’d rather stay at home and work. I’m hopeless!
Anyway! See you back in September!


Custom work? I can paint or sculpt for you! Just ask!
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Bee on Concrete, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast
Bee on Concrete, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast

I finished the first painting of what might become a bigger series, but who knows?
This first painting depicts a bee on whose back are growing flowers. The background is a mixture of alcoves and cracked concrete for a… maybe a little too… dramatic setting. Of course, the underlying idea is to paint a portrait of dying wild bees, due to our reckless habits and activities. Mostly pesticides, deforestation, agriculture. And yes, these three are linked!

I am developing a healthy fascination for insects and their habitats and since reading the book “a history of bees” by Maja Lunde, I’ve been painting bees, first as a form of practice, depicting wild bees in the painting “Apidae”, and now I just want to keep going!
Honestly, I just love insects and I’m devastated at their ever growing extinction rate. Biodiversity at its core is such a wondrous beauty that I’m trying to catch in my work.


Since I… well… don’t excel at painting flowers, I actually bought some to study in details for that painting, I’m starting to get the hang of it, which means I’m starting to enjoy painting flowers, so that should be interesting in the future! I was getting a little bit bored with mushrooms, so adding a new layer should improve my work.
Below a few pictures of the flowers and my studies. Some are bad. You’ve been warned.

Print? Coloring Book?

I also put up prints and stickers up on my society6 and redbubble shop. I haven’t yet found a good local print shop for watercolors, so this is a better option for now.
On a side note, I’m starting to wonder about a coloring book. I have no clue where to start, but it’s something I’m finding myself thinking about more and more.

And of course, you can find the original painting in my online shop.


Custom work? I can paint or sculpt for you! Just ask!
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Sunny Art Prize 2018 + Art Exhibitions

Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast
Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast


Two of my sculptures have been shortlisted for the Sunny Art Prize in London!
“Ahoy!”, the penguins on a plastic bottle, and “Poison d’Art”, the blue/green growth on a tin can at the bottom of this post.
The finalists have a group show opening on September 4th in the Sunny Art Center, London, UK.
You can view all finalists here.


They are currently running a social media contest asking the public who they think should deserve the 1st prize, by liking, commenting and sharing.
If you feel so inclined to, you can like/comment/share on facebook and instagram.


I will also be at the show opening on the 4th of September in London, at the Sunny Art Center, I would love to meet you there if you are around!

You need a ticket for the opening ceremony that you can get here.
I’ll be staying in London for a very few days, so if for some reason you absolutely want to meet me, you can always let me know, maybe we can arrange a meeting or something.


Currently my work is also being shown at these other venues, so to sum it up, here are current or upcoming exhibitions.
You can always check my CV to see what new exhibitions I am in.

2018 – September, two of my sculptures, Ahoy! and Poison d’Art have been shortlisted for the Sunny Art Prize 2018, at the Sunny Art Center in London.
2018 – July – September, collective exhibition “Thoughtful Planet 2”, Thought Foundation, Newcastle, UK
2018 – August 13-15, Eating Insects Conference and Art Exhibition, Athens, Georgia, USA


Poison D'Art, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Poison D’Art, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Apidae – Wild Bees

Apidae, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast
Apidae, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast

Hello everyone!

Are studies art? I suppose it depends on how you see it. I honestly have the tendency to say no, as they lack intention, they are simply used to work towards a finished artwork. But it really depends on what the study is. If it’s an advanced composition study, then, in a way, it is art. But if you are just replicating subjects in your medium of choice? Not so sure.

Apidae | Wild Bees Studies in Watercolor

After reading the book “the history of bees” by Maja Lunde, I’m obsessed with working on bees on my next painting. (or maybe even sculpture!)
Since bees are not a subject I especially master, and also because realism and watercolor is easy when it’s over 30°C, I decided to do a few wild bee studies. I had no plan when I started, but a composition sort of happened anyway.

Since I don’t want to sell this one, as it’s a reference for my own work, I have put it up as a print on society6 or redbubble, so if you loooove bees and absolutely must have this one, get a print on S6 or RB.

I recorded most of the painting process as well, so you can view that on my youtube channel, too.
Mondays are becoming “time-lapse” days on my youtube channel, where I put up sped-up processes of my painting or sculpting with some music.

What Next?

Now I need to dive into flower studies, as I have always shied away from depicting flowers. However the painting ideas that are currently blossoming (huhu) in my head are all with flowers, so it’s time to tackle that lack of knowledge.
I also feel like studies are easy on my brain and creativity, you just have to pick subjects you like and reproduce them. I like easy right now!

I might teach a class on how to paint bees on my skillshare as well, because by now I know how to paint them without references. Maybe. I have other classes to make first and then I’ll be off on holidays, so nothing is less sure!

Hope you’re not melting away with the current heat wave!

Life Crystallizing

Crystallized, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Glass/Crystal Bottle, Stephanie Kilgast
Crystallized, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Glass/Crystal Bottle, Stephanie Kilgast
This sculpture is available in my shop.

Hellooo Folks!

I hope you are having the summer of your lives! Or at least a fun one!… let’s just agree on a satisfying one!
I have been trying to take things a little more slower and it surprisingly boosted my social media accounts.
Who would have thought that by posting a lot less you get a lot more visibility? Maybe it’s just chance, nobody understands algorithm these days!

Taking things a little slow doesn’t mean I haven’t worked though. In fact, I did work normal hours last week. I’m trying to get back to a normal working schedule. As in, not work until midnight nor work on weekends. I don’t believe overworking is a good thing to do, and I don’t agree with the glorification of working all the time. Burn-out is not a joke, I’ve seen it up close with a very close friend of mine and myself got very close to it a few times.

The difficulty for me is to fit everything I do into a week :
– sculpting/painting and working towards a career in the art field (little money, but goals)
teaching on skillshare (good money, good progress)
youtube videos (not great money, but still!)
– Jewelry/art prints (potentially good money, but might need more focus)
– Photographing/marketing/social media (can’t really do anything without it!)

I haven’t quite figured out the best way to fit everything in a week of work. I’ve already decided that, since I know where I am currently going artistically speaking, I can take time off my art and work on financially sound projects, like teaching and making jewelry.

I’ve also thought about possibly putting some of my artwork up on ebay as auctions, to bring money in and get a little space, as it’s going to be crowded in no time!

Sometimes I think that with the skills I have mastered over the years, they have to be financial options that I am simply missing! I’m partially convinced that I am doing it all wrong at times.
Ah well, I’m probably just impatient!

Ok, enough chit chat! I have another skillshare class to edit! Will also have to update the blog about the latest tutorials I’ve done and the upcoming exhibitions I’m in!