Caterpillar Obsession

Tape (Caterpillar), Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Tape (Caterpillar), Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Caterpillars have been appearing in my work for a while now, and especially lately in my watercolor paintings.
I’d like to go a little psycho-analytic with you today and dive into this fascination of mine for these little crawlers.


First of, and rather obviously, but they are a juvenile stage of insects.
Insects, but really arthropods, are the true rulers of this world and in a way, I am giving them a place in my art to show off. Sure, tigers or lions are more liked, but truthfully it is the little animals that are the most precious to life and a healthy eco system. Without arthropods the whole world collapses, however we can go on without most mammals. They are the basis of the food chain, but they also transform natural waste into hummus. Without insects, all the rest can’t survive.


They’re also super beautiful if you start to really look at them. I assure you!
Once you get over the fear or disgust that is so primal in humans when it comes to them, you will be rewarded with a myriad of colors and shape.
Start with butterflies, moths and beetles and work you way up!
And caterpillars? Well, technically, they’re just chubby babies and thus super cute!


Ok, bear with me. As an artist who likes to mix all kinds of weird things, (and that without taking any drugs I shall add) I really like to pick natural species with which you can easily play around with.
Caterpillars are great for that! Most of them already look like stuff is growing on their chubby little bodies, so swapping these with mushroom or anemones is easy!
Weird looking animals are the best for surrealism as the boundaries seem non existent in nature itself already. That is quite true for most arthropods to be honest!
No wonder then, that I keep going back to these.

Convinced yet? Starting to like caterpillars yourself or do they still put you off?


Here below some of the paintings I have done lately with caterpillars.
You can find them all in my shop.
For prints, you can get them on InPrnt, Society6 or Redbubble.


Exploration, Octopus Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast
Exploration, Octopus Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast


It’s been a while since I blogged!
This is simply explained by the fact that I got through a bit of a rough week, I think I am slightly overworked, but I got picked up by a new material that I finally tried out : epoxy clay!

Which means… I made a new sculpture!!!
Yaay! The last one, Cyltonic, was done… 6 weeks ago! How time flies when you work on many different projects!
Technically though, in between those two, I made another commissioned sculpture for a client, but I’ll blog about that one on another day!

So, “exploration“! What a title! It suggests grandeur, bravado, ambition!
The title refers to so many things, it is personal, as it is an exploration of this new material, epoxy clay, but the subject itself, the octopus, is exploring the plastic box and the nature that grows on it.
And it is also the exploration of symbiosis, of how in nature, animal and botanical thrive together, in balance and not in fight.

You can watch the process as a time lapse on my youtube channel

and if you’d like to know more about epoxy clay, I made this video last week

The sculpture is available in my shop, yaaaay!
However, I am currently at my mum’s place in Berlin. I know. Worst timing ever if you’re thinking about the holiday rush and so on… so if you decide to buy something, it will ship it when I can back on the 12th.
And don’t forget, I accept payment plans at no extra cost, so don’t hesitate to ask!


My Very First Mural

Mural Painting, Dédale, Vannes, Stéphanie Kilgast
Mural Painting, Dédale, Vannes, Stéphanie Kilgast

Hey There!

For the last month, every Wednesday morning I did work on a mural painting at a place called “dédale”, in Vannes.
It is an old building that is going to be destroyed in 2020.
Until then, the maire has given it to a street art association.
The first levels are project based and selected by a jury and then shown to the public. The levels 2 and 3 are more experimental.
I have been wanting to try my hand on a mural for a long time so I asked to work on the second floor.
It worked well and I enjoyed myself a lot painting on a larger scale.
It took me 4 long mornings to finish this specific wall.

I originally thought of doing the whole room, but the second floor might never be accessible to the public, so all my friends and some artists I met are urging me to rather present a project for level 1, which is going to be seen by the public.
So, that is the next planned step. To write up a proper proposal and submit it. I hope they’ll accept it!

In the meantime, you can watch the time lapse of the painting on my youtube channel 🙂



Change (Caterpillar), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Change (Caterpillar), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast


I can’t stop painting. I have been either drawing or painting every day. Even when traveling.
The process is so much faster than sculpting, that I feel like I am binge-creating. Whatever idea I have is done in a day, which keeps sparking more ideas.
I don’t think it’s very healthy to do as much art to be honest, I start early in the morning and end late in the evening. Haven’t properly done yoga for a while either. Nothing longer than 10 minute flows, so reasonably I should calm down.
But painting is addictive and the creative flow I am currently in is just too tempting not to keep going.
At some point I know my body and mind will refuse and I’ll simply do nothing for a day or two.
But for now… I paint!

All the paintings are available in my shop.
Prints so far are available on Redbubble, S6 and Curioos.

I am also teaching how I paint on skillshare. If you’ve never tried it before, you can try it out for free, following the link below.


How to paint Mushrooms with Watercolors and Ink, a tutorial by Stephanie Kilgast
How to paint Mushrooms with Watercolors and Ink, a tutorial by Stephanie Kilgast



Ascent, Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie KilgastMushroom Composition #5 (Jellyfish), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Art Bundle for Good – Give-Away

Miniature Succulent Garden Jar - How to Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Stephanie Kilgast
Miniature Succulent Garden Jar – How to Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Stephanie Kilgast


Like last year, I am participating again in the art bundle for good this year. With my class about the miniature succulents jar!
Basically, a bunch of artists are sharing a grand total of 100 art courses in an “art bundle” and selling it at a low price.
25% of the profits go to support Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. The Art Bundle for Good is a great opportunity to get 100 top art learning resources from many of the biggest names in the industry and do some good at the same time!

This is why I am participating, I can earn some money through affiliate links, but to be honest, I earned nothing last year.
However by adding some value to the bundle, I’m making the art bundle more attractive and helping out courageous kitchen. That’s why I do it, to do good.

The sale start November 8th but until November 7 you can try to win the art bundle for free!

All you have to do, is sign up with your e-mail and facebook, for a chance to win the art bundle.
Good luck with the give away!