Life fascinates me.
Textures and patterns excite me.
Sculpting makes me happy.
Destructive human activities push me into despair.
Emotions drive me insane.
Creating art balances everything out.


“Everything is WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you so very very much!!! Perfect, magical” D.N.
“LOVE IT!!!! And I love the box too – it’s a work of art.” Anne H.
“Definitely the best purchase I made all year.” Taylor M.
“I just got him!!!!! He’s even better in person, and that box!!! I have no words. He’s beyond amazing. Thank you so much!!!! ” Chrissy W.


Official Instagram Feature, Stephanie Kilgast, Contemporary Sculptures and Art

Instagram Feature

Official Instagram Feature, Stephanie Kilgast, Contemporary Sculptures and Art Hellooo!It's been a while I haven't updated the blog.I have been rather busy with deadlines, and hope to properly update on certain aspects later this month. Specifically murals! But today, a feature on the official @instagram page!I was lucky enough to be found and asked to be featured.Someone came to my art studio to shoot an interview and behind the scenes frames for a whole day and this is the result.They did a great job out of it, so I am very happy! Video by @cavalrycreative and @arlocf I am very excited about that feature!Since I got so many interests, I also updated my webshop with the two new available sculptures ...
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Plant Trees!

Plant Trees!

Trees, A Hub Of Life, Mixed Media on Paper, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast Hello! Today is starting a 2 weeks campaign to plant tress, permaculture style.The idea is to donate just 1 euro each, as 1 euro equals 10 trees.A very little donation but from a maximum of people!You can donate here. It is hosted by @houseraccoon and they work with @treesforthefuture To add to this, I am also auctioning an original painting I specifically did for the occasion!"Trees, a Hub for Life" is put on Instagram for a 3 day auction until this Sunday, 8PM local time France.If you don't have instagram but still would like to bid on it, simply contact me, and I'll do the bid in your ...
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