In a nutshell :

Sculptural artwork with almost abstract shape inspired by nature, vibrant and bold colors that pop, intricate details that draws you in and often environmental / ethical themes.

In rambling mode :

Apart from my interest in colors and textures, which brought me to a long 8 year obsessive relationship with miniature food, I’m going to state the obvious… but my artwork reflects my own life choices and struggles.

Let’s get this out of the way, I am an environmentalist.
Not one that gives up electricity and the modern confort (I’d be dead without the internet, thank you very much) but someone who thinks we can all have awesome lives if we all put some effort into it and rethink our daily habits and practices.
When I realized the harm our food choices had on the environment, I cut down on meat, then gave meat up, then gave animal products up. It took me about 3 years and even though I’m switching back to vegetarian and (the spaghetti monster forbid! – yeah I’m an agnostic atheist too, so much baggage…) sometimes pescetarian when I’m traveling, I cook vegan at home.
This experience brought me to start my daily miniature veggie challenge in 2015, where I did sculpt one different fruit or veggie daily to showcase the variety of food available, in the hope to encourage people to eat less meat and more plants.
What can I say? I’m hopelessly idealistic.

When I was finished with the daily mini veggie challenge, I fell in a pit of doom and despair. I just had touched my very first artwork, what next?
Environment was still something I wanted to talk about, so I went with the symbiosis project.
But I kept struggling and growing sick of my artisan work. (one has to earn money, my way was to sell miniature food jewelry)
I needed happiness in my life, I launched the “happy bugs” project, where I made a caterpillar DJ and well… dancing bugs. Dancing is fun and joy is important to keep some sanity.
But I was still lost and struggling. You must know, my ultimate goal is to make art that I want and be able to sell artwork, not artisan work. Sounds easier than it is, and to become a better artist, you need to grow and evolve.
So almost 1 year after the end of my daily mini veggie challenge, I finally found a way to grow, quite literally. I’m growing sculptures on MDF canvases.

Stéphanie Kilgast aka PetitPlat