Aim for Zero

Purple Fungus, 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast
Purple Fungus, 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast

A few weeks ago, I did an interview for the website “Aim for Zero”, which is about working towards a zero waste lifestyle.

It was an interesting interview for me, as these are questions that taunt me on a daily basis.
Trying to lessen one’s environmental impact is always on my mind and so I was happy to dive into the whys and hows.

Here some snippets of the interview:

“I see the ‘zero waste’ movement more as an effort to produce a lot less waste when making daily decisions.”
“It is not the action of buying that is pleasurable, but rather the long-term use of the object you bought.”
“The more we change, the better the chances of a fundamental change in society. “

Read the full article over here!


Instagram Feature

Official Instagram Feature, Stephanie Kilgast, Contemporary Sculptures and Art
Official Instagram Feature, Stephanie Kilgast, Contemporary Sculptures and Art

It’s been a while I haven’t updated the blog.
I have been rather busy with deadlines, and hope to properly update on certain aspects later this month. Specifically murals!

But today, a feature on the official @instagram page!
I was lucky enough to be found and asked to be featured.
Someone came to my art studio to shoot an interview and behind the scenes frames for a whole day and this is the result.
They did a great job out of it, so I am very happy!

Video by @cavalrycreative and @arlocf

I am very excited about that feature!
Since I got so many interests, I also updated my webshop with the two new available sculptures I have.

On the not so bright side, I hurt my lower back somehow…
Yesterday it started hurting a bit during the day and in the evening the pain became very acute.
It’s a bit bothersome considering I still have work to do. A friend of mine gave me the number to a physiotherapist, I hope I can get an appointment before I leave on holidays next week.
It might be overwork and stress, I honestly don’t know.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer! 🙂


Plant Trees!

Trees, A Hub Of Life, Mixed Media on Paper, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast


Today is starting a 2 weeks campaign to plant tress, permaculture style.
The idea is to donate just 1 euro each, as 1 euro equals 10 trees.
A very little donation but from a maximum of people!
You can donate here. It is hosted by @houseraccoon and they work with @treesforthefuture

To add to this, I am also auctioning an original painting I specifically did for the occasion!
“Trees, a Hub for Life” is put on Instagram for a 3 day auction until this Sunday, 8PM local time France.
If you don’t have instagram but still would like to bid on it, simply contact me, and I’ll do the bid in your name.

If you really can’t spare 1 euro for this, why not comment, like or share the post?
Thank you so much!
I believe that change comes from the people!

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3 day auction + tree planting campaign!!🌲🌳🌴🌍😄 @houseraccoon is hosting a campaign today to plant trees (permaculture style, I read through it, it's good stuff!) through the "forest garden solution". #onepinkyonetree I want things to change, and I believe change starts with us! 👊💪 ——— 🌍AUCTION!🌍 For the campaign I created this original watercolor and all benefits are going to that campaign. I will take care of worldwide shipping myself!… You're welcome 😎 R u l e s : ▶️bid on this post until Sunday 8:00PM (20h) (France local time UTC+2 / GMT+2) ▶️bidding starts with 40 euro (it is an original artwork after all!) ▶️if you don't have instagram, you can bid through e-mail sk(at) and I'll bid in your name/initials ▶️If for some reason, the highest bidder changes his mind, the second highest bidder will win the auction. ▶️the plan is to ship the artwork out on Monday 1st. If the highest bidder is in London, I can also bring it with me to the Other Art Fair which I will be attending from the 4th to the 7th of July. Otherwise it'll ship after the 12th. Up to you! —— 🌍DONATE🌍 The goal is to spend as little as 1 euro per person, with which they can plant 10 trees. Not a lot for each of us, but together quite the forest. . . . . . #climatechange #bethechange #artistofinstagram #artivism #protectwhatyoulove #climatecrisis #planttrees #artforgood #treeart #rainbowart #watercolor #botanicalart #biodiversity #insectart

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The Other Art Fair

Mushroom Party, Sculpture on Tin Can, 2019
Mushroom Party, Sculpture on Tin Can, 2019


It’s been a while!
The art show in London is fast approaching and I have some cool news around it.


I will be painting a mural for them! A bit challenging as I’ll have only one day, but I thought it through and sketched it out, so it should work!
It is going to be part of their “greener future” challenge and will be an interactive wall for the public.
Below the sketch.


I also was lucky enough to be picked to take over their instagram feed today. I was assigned to share about my creative process and pictures of my art studio.
If you’d like to see those, head over their instagram feed.


They also wrote an article on the Saatchi Art Blog about my work, so pretty excited about this too!


If you would like to attend the fair, you are welcome to do so!
You can get complimentary tickets here by using the code KILGAST

The Other Art Fair, Hyacinth Macaw, Sculpture, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast
The Other Art Fair, Hyacinth Macaw, Sculpture, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast


Podcast Stephanie Kilgast

I did my first podcast a few weeks back!
It was fun and now you can listen to me blabbing about art and doubt and materials.
Thank you Angie for the opportunity!

Just below an overly cute hippo in its blue plastic bottle. It is available in the shop!


Nilpferd, 2019, hippo sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast
Nilpferd, 2019, hippo sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast