Reforestation (logging machine) 2019, Stephanie Kilgast
Reforestation (logging machine) 2019, Stephanie Kilgast

Most forests are being cut down these days for agriculture, so our food systems are currently destroying our eco systems.
But what if we had a different way of growing food that would need forests?
This is the goal of permaculture, also known as agroforestry.

To make it real short, the idea of it is to imitate the forest and create a small eco system where you plant various crops together, that will help each other other out.

It is also the life mission of Trees for Future, who have been working on that for the last three decades with proven results.
I stumbled upon their work through a ceramist who was raising funds for them, and looked into their approach a little bit more. I also checked their association on charity navigator and after careful consideration, decided thew were truly a good association to work with.

So I created this painting of a logging machine, typically used for deforestation, that is being over grown with a colorful nature.

The painting is going to be auctioned here and I will donate 10% of the end price to
However, feel free to donate on your own. I really believe that this type of association can offer a real future to humanity.


Plane Travelling

Long Landed (Plane), 2019, Watercolor and Ink Painting, Stephanie Kilgast
Long Landed (Plane), 2019, Watercolor and Ink Painting, Stephanie Kilgast

Did you know that a flight from Paris to New-York emits 3 tons of CO2, however in order to stop climate change, each of us is ideally allowed to use 1 ton of CO2 per year.
Plane travelling has become normal in today’s society, so I wanted to point out the issue with travelling too much with that particular transportation.

Like meat, reducing your plane travels consumption is a good thing to do. Though, unlike meat, it can be a lot more difficult if you travel for work or if your family lives on the other side of the world. Or if you simply love to travel!
You can always cheat and do the band-aid option: fly carbone neutral through initiatives like @mindfulflights where you give money on projects that balance your excesses.
But taking the plane a lot less or not at all is certainly more efficient 😀
This post is sponsored, as “mindfulflights” pay my carbon offset if/when I fly.
HOWEVER I think it’s a great initiative and I’ve been wanting to talk about plane traveling for a while now. 
They are a bunch of students who make it easy for us to just offset the money towards projects that are certified by the UN.

You can buy the original painting while it’s there on my website or get a print on redbubble or society6.


Drinking Cans

Growth on Tin Cans, Sculptures, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast
Growth on Tin Cans, Sculptures, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast


I recently finished a new series of sculptures, this time on drinking cans that I picked up in London, while I was there to exhibit at the Other Art Fair.
The colors of each can inspired each growth that came on top of it.

Cans are extremely common nowadays, and while it’s easy to recycle them, they take a huge amount of energy (machines!) and ressources to be created. When you buy a drink in a can, you have to understand that the can is what is actually the most expensive in terms of making and ressources used than the actual drink.

I would suggest to go to bars that use a consignment system on the contenants of their drinks. This used to be the norm, but sadly isn’t anymore.
Or just become tap-water-girl like me… if tap water is drinkable where you live of course, I know, it isn’t always the case.

These sculptures are available and can be found in my shop.



In collaboration with Miles Johnston, we created a limited edition set of sculptures depicting a woman crying over a lost being.
The original idea is a painting from Miles Johnston that has been cast by Moon Crane Press.
I simply added life and mushrooms on top of each, to remind us that no matter what, life keeps going.
Another way of seeing this work is to see humanity crying over the 6th mass extinction currently going on.
The limited edition has been sold out before completion, but here a few pictures of all the sculptures I did.


This collaboration also got recently featured on This Is Colossal and My Modern Met.

Aim for Zero

Purple Fungus, 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast
Purple Fungus, 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast

A few weeks ago, I did an interview for the website “Aim for Zero”, which is about working towards a zero waste lifestyle.

It was an interesting interview for me, as these are questions that taunt me on a daily basis.
Trying to lessen one’s environmental impact is always on my mind and so I was happy to dive into the whys and hows.

Here some snippets of the interview:

“I see the ‘zero waste’ movement more as an effort to produce a lot less waste when making daily decisions.”
“It is not the action of buying that is pleasurable, but rather the long-term use of the object you bought.”
“The more we change, the better the chances of a fundamental change in society. “

Read the full article over here!