I have started sculpting miniature food in 2007, but professionally and daily from 2009.
I am interested in food visually, for the variety of shapes and colors but also for the cultural and emotional aspect of food.
Choosing food to replicate in miniature is to emphasize the instinctive need of sustenance, but also the pleasure which lies in eating. Of course, the variation in color and shades that can be found in food are a never-ending inspiration.
Lately, I’ve been working a lot on the environmental and ethical impact of our food choices and habits, mainly through my daily miniature veggie challenge. I also decided to sculpt mostly plant based food last year, to show possible recipes and encourage less meat consumption. What can I say? I won’t give up hope 🙂

For my complete portfolio of miniature food, you may take a look at my flickr album “1:12 miniature food”.

Available miniature food can be found in the shop.